Summary of the 2nd tournament of the Padel Tech Circuit 2023:

Here is the news article written by our friends and collaborators at Padel Lands after the conclusion of the 2nd tournament of the Padel Tech Circuit 2023:

On May 27th and 28th, the second tournament of the Padel Tech Circuit 2023 took place, marking an important event on the calendar. Padel Indoor Hospitalet hosted the tournament, welcoming both organizers and participants. Over the course of two days, attendees had the opportunity to indulge in their love for padel, engage in competitive matches, and enjoy the various activities organized by GM Racket Sports. The turnout for this tournament exceeded expectations, surpassing the participation numbers of the previous event and further enhancing the already vibrant atmosphere that characterizes all the tournaments in the circuit.

The venues selected for the circuit are of the highest caliber, and the setting for the second tournament of the Padel Tech Circuit is one of the most prominent in all of Catalonia. Padel Indoor Hospitalet offers an impressive array of facilities, including 18 courts, and provides a wide range of services for players to enjoy. It even hosts stages for enthusiasts from around the world. The central court, where some of the matches took place, created the perfect atmosphere for a tournament of this magnitude. The organization expressed great satisfaction with the condition of the facilities and the club’s willingness to ensure that everything went smoothly. And indeed, the event unfolded flawlessly.

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In this edition, the group stages were played on Saturday and Sunday morning, followed by the finals. In between these two stages, the customary raffles took place, with sponsors providing gifts for the lucky participants. After that, the winners in each category were determined in the finals. All the matches were recorded by Padel Train to generate a report for each pair/player, which will be shared with them.

There were other points of interest that added value to the tournaments of the Padel Tech 2023 circuit. María Gilabert, CEO of the company Be Value, interviewed Francisco Marín, a 73-year-old participant in the tournament and a successful case of staying physically and mentally active at that age. It is indeed a contribution from the organization to encourage older people to continue engaging in sports for the benefit of their physical and mental health. In a different vein, which greatly enhanced the tournament’s atmosphere, the presence of the radio program “El sitio de tu recreo” was enjoyed. Alberto González, the host of the program, added a special touch with a variety of national and international pop-rock hits, as well as current hits.

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The Padel Tech 2023 circuit continues its journey, and we already have a venue and dates for the next tournament. It will be held at the facilities of Padel Barcelona-El Prat club during the weekend of July 1st and 2nd. Another prestigious club to enjoy a fun weekend before the summer holidays. The fourth tournament will take place in September, but it’s still far away. We will inform you on Padel Lands’ social media profiles about the opening of registrations for the third tournament.