Padel is considered the second most practiced sport in Spain (according to data from 2021) after soccer. It is estimated that it is practiced by 5 million players throughout the Spanish territory and, in addition, it is growing rapidly in other European countries, such as Sweden, Italy, France, Belgium or the Netherlands, and around the world where more and more countries are joining the padel fever.

We could say that the learning curve of padel is like a plateau, where reaching a basic/normal level is relatively easy but then improving is more expensive. When playing in pairs, you will always depend on another person because the game will not only depend on you. Taking padel classes with certified instructors will help you reach a better level of your game.

In conclusion, padel is a fun sport, addictive, healthy and with a good cardiovascular workout, with a very important social component, unisex and easy to learn.

Dare to try it or improve your game!