5th padel tech circuit tournament

The 2022 Padel Tech Circuit says goodbye to the Baix Llobregat region for what it refers to this edition and moves to the last region that it will visit this year, the Maresme.

From September 16, 2022 and until the 18th of the same month, we will celebrate the 5th Tournament of the 2022 Padel Tech Circuit at the Club Tennis Barcelona-Teià facilities. Entries can be made until September 14 at 11:59 p.m.

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Each tournament of our Padel Tech 2022 Circuit will have 6 categories, 2 feminine, 2 masculine and 2 mixed (unless some of them cannot be completed) having in all of them a beginner and intermediate level. Each tournament will have a group stage to be played on Friday afternoon or Saturday and a final stage to be held on Sunday. In addition, each couple will play a minimum of 3 games of 40 minutes each, unless the group is made up of 3 couples, so instead of playing 9 games, they would play 12. In the case that the group is made up of 5 couples, the matches will be 6 games.

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Flyer 5o torneo Circuito 2022 Padel Tech

One of our goals is to make all players feel like an essential part of this Circuit. For this reason, personalized treatment is ensured for each of the contenders. In addition, for most of the finals, we will have a high quality live broadcast, with a professional narrator and through our YouTube channel. In this way, you will be able to be protagonists in the first person of said streaming, we cannot reveal some surprises but we can assure you that you will like them. And of course, your family and/or friends who want to see you play and cannot get to the club will be able to follow you and support you remotely.

A welcome-pack will be delivered to each player and, in addition, a final draw will be held with gifts among all the participants who are physically present at the facility at that time.

Both registration (compulsory prior simple registration) and payment (optional) will be made through the Competize platform. Through it you will be able to follow the development of each test with updated results, classifications and much more live. Therefore, payment can be made after registering for the tournament on the Competize platform itself or the day you come to play and the welcome-pack is delivered to you (payment only by card, not cash).

You can check the rest of the regulations and rules in the links above.


In the event of a tie in points between 2 couples after the end of the group stage, the couple that would have won the direct confrontation between the two will be superior. In the event that there are 3 or 4 couples tied on points after the end of the group stage, the order of the couples will be decided by the best game-average. That is to say, all the games in favor achieved during those direct confrontations will be added up and the conceded ones will be subtracted to obtain a game-average ratio. In the hypothetical case that the tie persists, the winner will be decided on a golden point between the tied couples. When deciding the best 2nd (to know the pass to the semifinals), the average number of games for and against the games played will be made (whether you have played 3, 4 or 5). The one with the best coefficient will pass.

Regulations and notes

a) The minimum age to register is 18 years old (or 16 if playing with a tutor as a couple). b) People who are federated and are among the top 150 positions of both the FCP and the FEP may not register. c) If a couple, or player of the couple, arrives 20 minutes late to play a match without prior notice, the Organization will consider that match lost by W.O. (6-0). Therefore, punctuality is requested so as not to hinder the rest of the players in the tournament dispute. d) Match schedules will be published no later than the day before the start of each event. e) Time flexibility is requested for all players knowing that the group stage will be played between Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Sunday will be the day of the final knockout phases until the final (unless the Organization indicates otherwise and some group phases are also played on Sunday). f) For any questions, you can contact the Sports Director of GM Racket Sports and in charge of the Organization of the circuit: David Guillén – 676 ​​78 07 56. g) The publication of the draws, matches, schedules and other data of the competition will be published on the “Competize” platform. You will have to register in it to be able to register for the tests of our circuit. Registration only has to be done once (if you don’t already have a user on said platform) and it will serve you for all the tests you want to play on the 2022 Padel Tech circuit. h) Payment can be made through “Competize” (to speed up the registration process on the day of the tournament), or pay it the same day before receiving your welcome pack (only payment by card and not in cash). i) All players will receive their welcome pack from the Organization upon arrival at the host club of the test and will be given a number for the final draw that will be held on Sunday just after the end of all the finals. All players who have played the tournament in question and are physically in the facilities at that time may participate in the draw. j) We invite you to register on our website, gmracketsports.com, to be informed of all the news that we will be launching, always related to the academy, tournaments, events, merchandising and much more of the 4 sports that we manage: paddle tennis, tennis , pickleball and beach tennis. Registration is very quick and easy. k) You can consult the privacy policy of GM Racket Sports at: https://gmracketsports.com/politica-privacidad/ and that of “Competize” at: https://www.competize.com/es/privacy (for both links, you can right click and click “Open link in new tab” to continue to the tournament page on the screen). We will only share your data with the sponsors of the Padel Circuit that request it. l) The players must play the matches with appropriate sports clothing and footwear. In case of non-compliance, he will be warned and if he does not correct it, he will be disqualified. ll) It is important to go with the DNI in case it is necessary to validate the identity of any of the players, always for reasons related to the competition itself. m) All players must behave appropriately and under the umbrella of fair play. Otherwise, he may be disqualified by the Organization.

n) Some of the finals will be broadcast live via high quality streaming and will have professional narration. These retransmissions will be broadcast on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4ydAen8I4Ufja1MnIPunQ/featured) and can be consulted afterwards. o) The Organization will have a first aid kit in case of small injuries. p) Each couple will accumulate points based on the following scoring scale. Once the first 5 tests of the circuit are finished, and before the Final Master, the 3 best couples in each category will be awarded, obtaining access to a special draw for the 18 most faithful and competitive couples.

Ranking scoring

1. (750 Pts) 2. (650 Pts) 3. (550 Pts) 4. (450 Pts) 5. (400 Pts) 6. (400 Pts) 7. (350 Pts) 8. (350 Pts) 9. (325 Pts) 10. (325 Pts) 11. (325 Pts) 12. (325 Pts) 13. (300 Pts) 14. (300 Pts) 15. (300 Pts) 16. (300 Pts)

17. + without points

Good luck and enjoy padel under fair-play’s flag!