Pascal Box

Back in 2016, the folks at Pascal Box asked themselves a series of questions:

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And they concluded the following:

The way in which tennis and paddle balls are used and consumed had to be changed and, for that, systems had to be built to inflate and take care of the tennis and paddle balls in order to achieve:

First: enjoy a perfect playing experience by always using balls with the right pressure and bounce, as if they were new.

Second: extract all the real useful life of the balls, until their structure and materials say enough.

Third: try to reduce the tremendous negative environmental impact of using and throwing away synthetic products that are not being properly recycled.

To sum up:

Perfect experience

Perfect gaming experience.


Savings. Extend the balls' lifespan to the maximum.


Respect for the enviroment. Less rubber, less pollution.


Avoid injuries. A correct bounce prevents many injuries.

Thanks to the agreement between the two companies, GM Racket Sports is an ambassador for Pascal Box.

  • If you are interested in their 4B professional product, you can go to our online shop and purchase it.
  • If you are interested in their pro and pro XL professional products (as well as all its accessories), you can write to us at and we will contact you.