Summary of the 1st Padel Tech Circuit 2023 tournament:

Here is the news article that our friends and collaborators at Padellands wrote about the 1st tournament of the Padel Tech Circuit 2023:

The Padel Tech 2023 circuit, organized by GM Racket Sports, kicked off last weekend with its first tournament out of the five that will take place from April to October. These five tournaments will be held at three different venues within the province of Barcelona. The Padel Tech circuit is celebrating its second edition with the goal of continued growth and establishing itself as a prominent tournament and circuit option in Barcelona throughout the year.

This year’s opening event introduced a new venue. Padel Indoor Hospitalet and Padel Barcelona – El Prat will be hosting for the second consecutive year, while Club Natació Sabadell at the Can Llong venue welcomed the circuit organized by GM Racket Sports for the first time. The new facilities feature 11 outdoor courts managed by the team behind Barberá Padel Indoor. The outdoor setting is greatly appreciated when the weather is favorable, and even when it’s not, players can still enjoy playing on the semi-covered courts with high ceilings that prevent issues with overhead shots.

As we have previously informed you, Padel Lands is one of the brands supporting the Padel Tech Circuit 2023. We must convey (and believe us, it’s not just a formality) that the presence of all the involved brands gives us a very positive impression. The brands’ image, particularly that of Padel Lands, has been impeccably represented. As you can imagine, when the brands involved are well taken care of, it ensures the best attention to registered players. This clearly sets the tournament apart from others in terms of quality and experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of the Padel Tech Circuit 2023 as the tournament progresses.

The facilities of Club Natació Sabadell welcomed the participants of the tournament on Sunday, the 23rd. It was a sunny day, perfect for the matches that lay ahead, along with an essential element: the atmosphere that is created in each of the tournaments. A great example of this is that many pairs of players return to participate in each event. The organizers tell us that, in several cases, the relationship between participants and the organization is closer to friendship than the usual player-organizer dynamic. Undoubtedly, this creates a sense of belonging within the GM Racket Sports family for everyone involved.

The day proceeded smoothly, with matches being played and winners and finalists being crowned. There was an award ceremony, a group photo, and an invitation to the next tournament. It was a day of fun, which is the main objective of this circuit, where participants enjoyed their favorite sport on a fantastic Sunday of padel.

The next tournament of the circuit will be held at the Padel Indoor Hospitalet facilities from the 27th to the 28th of May. This venue is highly popular in the province, hosting a wide range of tournaments, training camps, and activities for enthusiasts from the local area and even other countries. Mark the dates in your calendars because you don’t want to miss this second tournament of the Padel Tech circuit. We will notify you about the opening of registrations through our social media profiles.