Summary of Pickleball Day at Guttmann

On March 17th, in collaboration with Vila Pickleball and Miquel Martí, we organized an introductory pickleball event at the Guttmann Institute in Barcelona.

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During the event, several patients and staff members had the opportunity to experience firsthand this sport that is becoming increasingly popular throughout Spain.

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The Institut Guttmann Foundation was established in 1962 by Guillermo González Gilbey, together with Juan Antonio Andreu Bufill and Luís Gil de Biedma Alba.

Starting as a hospital for individuals with spinal cord injuries, the foundation gradually evolved into a leading international healthcare and knowledge center in the field of neuroscience, specifically in neurorehabilitation. Throughout its history, the institution has remained true to its initial objective: providing the best comprehensive rehabilitation for individuals with spinal cord injuries, acquired brain damage, or other neurological disabilities, while advocating for the rights and social integration of people with disabilities.

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The Institut Guttmann is a hospital located in Badalona, Barcelona, specializing in the medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of individuals (adults, young people, and children) with spinal cord injuries, acquired brain damage, or other neurological disabilities. It provides specialized, comprehensive, continuous, personalized, and high-level neurorehabilitation care, with a strong emphasis on human, scientific, and technical expertise.