Padel Tech Circuit 2023 Calendar

With the arrival of spring, our Padel Tech Circuit is back for the 2nd consecutive year.

In this 2nd edition, we bring you several new features:

📊 Statistical tracking of all finals thanks to innovative and disruptive technology from @padeltrain. 🧠 Raffle of 2 courses: “Emotional Management and Happiness” and “Create and Position Your Personal Brand” at the end of each tournament, thanks to @bevalue.coaching Academy. Each course is valued at 600 EUR. ✍️ Quick and easy registration process, as well as real-time tournament tracking.

And others that we will be sharing with you…

Calendariocircuito Padeltech 2023 1

We will be visiting 3 Catalan regions where some of the best clubs in our geography await us. Soon, we will open registrations for the first event, which will be held in @cnsabadell.

After the premiere, we will also visit… @padelindoorhospitalet and @padelbcnelprat.

This circuit would not be possible without the close collaboration of our esteemed 🤗 partners:

📌@equivalenzaes 📌@padeltrain 📌@pascalbox_ 📌@padellands 📌@tennis_point_barcelona 📌@bevalue.coaching 📌@aigua.viladrau 📌@printai_es …by the moment…

If you want to feel like a professional competing in an amateur circuit, we encourage you to participate in our events with the DNA of GM Racket Sports.

Feel part of the PADEL TECH family!