New collaboration between Padel Lands and GM Racket Sports

A few days after completing our 1st year of life, we are very happy to announce the collaboration that we have signed between Padel Lands and GM Racket Sports. Next, we leave you the note that we have prepared jointly and that you can also find on the Padel Lands website: Padel Lands continues in the dynamics of reaching agreements with various companies that contribute to the expansion of its activity. Always doing it with projects that are carried out following some premises of good practices. In this case we present the agreement that enables the new collaboration between Padel Lands and GM Racket Sports. GM Racket Sports is a young company that develops its 360 management activity around various racket sports. Padel, tennis, pickleball and beach tennis, in various aspects such as teaching and organizing tournaments and events. As regards padel, they have held the first edition of the Padel Tech Circuit in 2022 in six clubs in the province of Barcelona. You can enter their website and see all the details.
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The Barcelona company has just turned one year old and has already done so with a lot of work done. That is one of the reasons that Padel Lands has valued to decide to carry out the exchange of intentions that took place a few months ago. The experience is acquired over time and that time makes many details of daily activity to be perfected. If efforts are made to improve and the correct lines of the long path that leads to excellence are drawn, the results are satisfactory. And related to this way of developing the company’s practices, is the main reason that has led us to shape this new collaboration between Padel Lands and GM Racket Sports. They are very clear that their activity must be done with empathy, a good connection with the students and people who attend their private classes or events and trying to contribute novelties in different aspects and above all fun, apart from learning. You should know that when we talk about news, we refer to some such as the broadcast of certain matches of their tournaments in streaming, the collection of statistics in padel matches to know everything that happens on the court in real time, or the fact that pressurize the balls before classes to provide a better experience for the player, as well as avoid injuries and contribute to caring for the environment. The padel in its facet of teaching or competition evolves and increasingly demands the use of new technologies.
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You can see the presence of the GM Racket Sports image in different parts of such as the panel of collaborating companies or the directories of clubs and accommodation with courts in Barcelona. You will also see a space where you can consult the posters of the different tournaments of the Padel Tech 2023 circuit that we will create in the Barcelona club directory when the dates and venues of the tournaments are published. We will also inform you about these on our social networks. Likewise, you will see the corporate image of Padel Lands on the GM Racket Sports website and in the different advertising media of the circuit. From this moment on, GM Racket Sports will act as Padel Lands ambassador for clubs, accommodation with courts and brands of various kinds both in Spain and in some foreign countries, such as the United States. We will be delighted to welcome all those who decide to join the catalog of sponsors and collaborators of our project, which is about to celebrate its first 5 years.