Friendly match conditions


The idea of the friendly matches of the GM Racket Sports Academy is to offer the players on our roster the possibility to meet, at some point, with each other, in suitable and fixed conditions (agreed with the Club in question).

The possible locations will be Clubs that have reached an agreement with GM Racket Sports for this type of booking (matches, training, etc.). Currently, the club that has this agreement is l’Hospitalet Racket Club (CEM Tennis L’Hospitalet).

It is recommended that a player manage friendly matches, as far as possible, with people of his level. In this way, the experience of both contenders will be optimal, thus minimizing the risk of frustration. However, it is not bad practice for a higher level player to ask a lower level player to play.

In case of doubt about the player’s level, the organization will carry out a free level test.


The list of registered players for the friendly matches can be consulted at where each participant can check his level and that of others.

Inclusion to the GM Racket Sports friendly roster is open to anyone but, for better management, the organization must be informed in advance.

There is a Whatsapp group and a Telegram group where all players are included. In addition to being informed of interesting tennis events and news of general interest, they can also propose matches to other participants. In order to have a good hygiene within these groups, it is recommended that, once the match proposal is announced, the interested parties are contacted privately.

Friendly matches may be played at the times established by each club in question, taking into account the restrictions that have been previously informed.

Timetable possible:

Club Tennis Hospitalet:

  • Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 10:30 pm.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between 9:00 am and 8:30 pm.

For questions, doubts, inclusion in the players list, organization of matches, free level tests, etc., please contact David Guillén (Sports Director of GM Racket Sports) at 676780756 or at

Conditions to be met by the player or interested party:

  1. Be registered on the platform
  2. Have sent an email to to inform about the incorporation or contact the Sports Director.
  3. Fair play during the game or training, as well as punctuality.
  4. Respect the Club’s facilities.
  5. Know that each player, before starting the friendly match, must pay € 7.5 at the reception of the Club. The duration of the game will be an hour and a half maximum. The cost of electricity will always be charged separately (rates agreed with the Club).
  6. To make a court reservation it is only necessary to call the Hospitalet Racket Club (CEM Tenis Hospitalet) at 686 554 217 and identify yourself as a GM Racket Sports player.