First anniversary of GM Racket Sports.

We are delighted to share with all of you some exciting news that fills us with joy.

Today, we celebrate our first anniversary. It has been a year filled with activities in support of racket (and paddle) sports, and we are delighted with the reception we have received in the four sports we manage: tennis, padel, pickleball, and beach tennis. Many people have passed through our academy, participated in our tournaments and events, and we look forward to welcoming even more in this new year.

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Felicitación 1er aniversario GM Racket Sports

Our DNA will never change because we believe it is the only way to interact with people, with closeness, empathy, professionalism, flexibility, personalization, and always doing everything with enthusiasm and passion. We don’t see any other path, and we will continue this way.

Finally, to coincide with the celebration of our 1st anniversary, we bring you our corporate video where you can see all the services we offer to provide you with a 360 experience around racket sports.
Corporate video of GM Racket Sports.

Lights, camera, action!