Agreement with Nova Icaria Esport & Fit

Since we began our business journey, at GM Racket Sports we understood pickleball as an innovative sport, as well as inclusive, for all ages, social and easy to learn. From that moment we wanted to go further and have the mission of making it known in the Barcelona and Catalonia area.

We are delighted to announce the agreement reached with the Nova Icària Esport & Fit club in Barcelona to manage the pickleball section in its magnificent sports center. The main objective of this agreement is to publicize a sport that is relatively new in our geography but that is beginning to make its place among shovel and/or racket sports. Among the services that will be offered are individual and group classes, clinics, tournaments and events, among others.

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Nova Icària Esport & Fit was founded more than 30 years ago, specifically in 1992, coinciding with the Olympic Games held in Barcelona (Spain), ​​becoming an excellent sports and fitness center for athletes who resided in the Vila Olímpica of Poble Nou. The facilities are located next to the Nova Icària beach and are equipped with innovative and exclusive technological systems that allow personalized training for their clients.

At GM Racket Sports, we firmly believe that sport must grow from teaching and, for that reason:

  • In 2021 we are certified as pickleball instructors by the Spanish Pickleball Association – currently under the tutelage of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation – in Madrid.
  • In 2024, GM Racket Sports manager was certified as pickleball coach by the USA PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry), which is part of the recognized USA PTR (Professional Tennis Registry), both approved by the USA Pickleball Association, an organization that governs the sport in the United States – the country where it was born and with the greatest development worldwide – and of which we are members.