002. How long does it take to learn a sport (tennis; paddle tennis; beach tennis; pickleball)?

It all depends… it is very relative to determine an exact time when, apart from the fact that it will depend on the technical difficulty of the sport, it will also depend on the physical condition (condition and coordination qualities) of the person who is going to practice it. On the other hand, each person understands the concept of playing well in a different way. For some it will be to reach their maximum, for others it may be to be able to have a basic level to start meeting other people, in short, everything depends on the objective and the qualities of the person at that moment.

A given day in the GM Racket Sports Tennis Academy
A given day in the GM Racket Sports Tennis Academy

What we can say in reference to these paddle or racket sports, is that it is necessary to practice assiduously at the beginning and, if possible, take classes to have good technique and, in addition, injuries will be avoided later, in the beginning.

Advice when starting out:

When you play with other people, it would be good if they adapt to your level, in case they play more, for the good of everyone.

It is important to be advised by a professional, your instructor would be the best, when buying sports shoes or racquet-shoes.

David Guillén